Click here to open the Rate Sheet in a printable pdf.  2018 MAR Rate Sheet


MEMBERSHIP LEVELS:                           DUES:         

Full Membership (Unlimited visits for the year, 7x24)

Individual (Family Under 18 Free)          $460 / year

Individual (Young Adult 18 thru 30)       $300 / year

Senior Citizen (70 & over)                        $390 / year

Friends of MAR Membership (Grounds fees apply for all visits during the year)

Individual (Family Under 18 Free)          $60 / year

Other Fees:

Initiation fee for all new memberships         $50 /per person

AANR Membership (Required for all Memberships)

Single – $38.00 / year            Couple – $68.50 / year

Single Young Adult (18 to 28)             $28.00 / year

DAILY GROUNDS FEES:                   Sat/Sun/Hol   Mon-Fri   Weekly

Per Individual (31 & over)                            $30           $10         $80

Guest of member (31 & over)                     $24           $10         $68

Young Adult (18 thru 30)                              $20           $10         $60

Visiting AANR/Naturist Card Holders         $24           $10         $68

Senior Citizen (70 & over)                             $26           $10         $72

RENTAL UNITS:                    Per Night           Weekly

Lodge Room 1                            $95                 $570

Lodge Rooms 2, 3                      $85                 $510

Lodge Room 4                            $75                 $450

Ponderosa Cabin                       $80                 $480

Members may rent the entire Lodge for $150 a night during the low season (event weekends excluded)

CAMPING FEES:                       Per Night          Weekly           Monthly

Tent Meadow Campsite                      $15              $90

RV Meadow Campsite                         $35              $195                $590

RVs over 30’ long may require the camper to pay for two campsites.

 OVERNIGHT FEE: Any adult person who stays on the grounds for more than six hours between the hours of 8:00 PM & 8:00 AM and not in a campsite or lodging must pay $15.00 per night.

VISITING AND MEMBERSHIP:  Mountain Air Ranch (MAR) welcomes first-time and returning visitors to the club, all visitors must check in at the office for each visit.  Visitors who live outside of a 90-mile radius from MAR may visit as often as they wish without applying for membership.  Visitors living within a 90-mile radius of MAR will receive their first visit free of charge but may only visit three times before applying for membership.  Once an application is made additional visits will be allowed subject to applicable fees while the application is pending approval.  Any grounds fees paid within 90 days of application approval will be applied toward a “Full Membership”.  If a member allows their membership to lapse for more than 30 days they will have to reapply.  Membership is limited by gender to no more than a 60/40 ratio of men to women.

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS:  “Full Membership” pays no grounds fees, have access to MAR at all times, have the right to vote, and participate on committees.”  “Friends of MAR Membership” must pay grounds fees for every visit. Friends of MAR members must arrive during normal office hours or make previous arrangements with the office.  Friends of MAR members can’t vote or serve on committees.  The spouse or significant other of any member is required to become a member in order to use the grounds.

FAMILIES:  MAR is a family nudist resort, adult members’ and visitors are encouraged to bring their relatives of all ages to MAR.   Relatives of members (including the relatives’ spouse or significant other) will have no limit on the number of visits allowed.   Relatives under 18 don’t pay membership, grounds or overnight fees.   Relatives 18 or older pay any applicable fees.  Relatives 18 thru 30 of full members (including the relatives’ spouse or significant other) may obtain a “Full Membership” at the family discounted rate of $128.00 per person per year.  Members must pay all fees for their relatives.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL:  Membership is deemed to begin on the first of the month during which the membership was approved.  Renewal will be billed on the first of the preceding month the next year (and each year thereafter) and considered a non-renewal if not paid by the end of that month.

PAYMENT PLAN FOR FULL MEMBERSHIP:  All membership dues are annual costs with no refunds for unused portions of the year.  Dues for “Full Membership” may be paid on a monthly basis by making arrangements at the office, but doing so does not release the member of the obligation to pay the entire yearly amount.  Use of the payment plan will include a small additional service charge