For over 80 Years
Colorado’s Family Nudist Resort

MAR sign at GateA Member of American Association for Nude Recreation

Mountain Air Ranch has been the focal point for clothing-free recreation in Colorado since 1935. It is said, the clothes make the man. At Mountain Air Ranch you can lose the clothing and the associated labels that society puts on them. Have you ever wondered why children love to be nude? It’s not just because they can, but because it’s liberating.

Mountain Air Ranch is in the foothills 20 miles southwest of Denver, off Hwy. 285. Members and guests can enjoy the fresh mountain air, the clear blue skies, and a landscape shared with deer, fox, birds, and other native wildlife. You can unwind while hiking the trails or while relaxing by the pool. Exploring the 150 acres of natural beauty, the same way nature made you, is the essence of freedom.

The members of Mountain Air Ranch are the most accepting people you will ever meet. Over 400 individuals and families have made Mountain Air Ranch their nudist home. You will find the members of Mountain Air Ranch to be a cross-section of society who all share the love of nature and the nudist lifestyle. People come in all shapes and sizes, the naturist culture is one that accepts and sees the beauty in all. Fear of being nude quickly vanishes in the relaxed setting that is the norm at Mountain Air Ranch.

Estimated Time the Pool will Open








The process to open the pool is starting this week. It will take a while to warm the water to 84F. There is crystal clear water in the pool, but it is a bit on the chilly side. Please be patient.  

Spring Dance 4/21 @ 8 PM

Spring Cleaning at MAR April 28-29

Highway Cleanup May 5 @10 AM

KY Derby Party May 5 @3:30 PM

Check the Calendar for details

Adam & Eve Rebuild – The Project Begins

The first concrete pour is done!  Yippy, I don’t know much about plumbing but the rebuilt Adam & Eve is planned it be ready for Memorial Day Weekend! Hey, it’s Colorado, sometimes spring gets interrupted with winter popping back for a day or two, or three.